The Sabadell Main Market celebrates 10 years since its refurbishment

Ten years ago, the refurbishment of the Sabadell Main Market became a reality. Ten years later, it is one of the most characteristic buildings in the city.

The Sabadell Main Market, Cultural Asset of Local Interest in the municipal catalog, is one of the most beautiful modernist buildings of the city. Original work of Josep Renom, it was officially opened for the first time in 1930, and it operated as a fresh market for 68 years. In 1998, the building needed to be updated, and a whole remodelling took place. This month, therefore, commemorates the tenth anniversary of its opening in 2004.

The remodeling, which received the Best Retail Market in Spain Award in 2004 wanted, not only to refurbish the building and to update it (with the new commercial offer in the ground floor by means of a supermarket and a restaurant), but also to reactivate the commercial offer of the area.

Nowadays, with around 90 active stalls, we commemorate this ten years with the satisfaction of a well done work. Long life to the “Plaça”!

Video © Ajuntament de Sabadell