Urbanization of the Plaça de l’Estació (Station Square) in Molins de Rei

The proposal solves the different area conditionings with extreme formal simplicity and homogeneity, in order to get a public space with recognizable identity

Location: Molins de Rei | Barcelona | Catalonia
Area: 3.150 m2
Developer: Molins de Rei Town Council
Development: 2006-2007
Budget: 806.000 €
Intervention: Preliminary Plans. Implementation Project for Urbanization

The project describes the development of the RENFE railway station environment, in the town centre of Molins de Rei, and the approach is divided into several areas, including the Plaça de l’Estació (Station Square) itself. This square was built as a public space upon the arrival of the railway in 1854 and was first ordered by a development project in 1931.

The proposal aims to create an accessible and passable space, encouraging the pedestrian constant flow and returning the character of a plaza, which has been undervalued by the continuous traffic mess and the visible wear of the existing elements.  The confluence between the square and the Carril Street is softened and traffic and parking are both regulated. The staircase that connects the street and the square becomes the main structuring element of the space: in the northwest, to serve as a sculpture pedestal, at the opposite end, they are crowned by four existing bananas that line with four new trees on the street lane.

The pavement is homogeneous throughout the whole area of ​​the square, no matter its usage, so that does not distort the overall picture of the whole.


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