Special Protection Plan of Sabadell Heritage

The plan avoids considering the city heritage as an enumeration of elements: it is conceived as a whole, including all its architectural, archaeological and environmental aspects.

Location: Sabadell | Barcelona | 
Developer: Sabadell Town Council
Development: 2003-
Intervention: Heritage Catalogue setting and Plan Drafting assistance 

The method used so far in heritage protection plans, mainly architectural, was based on an individualized list of the most relevant items of the city building whole, what at the end was a selection which responded more to features typical of the History of Classical Art than to down-to-earth urban developments.

This plan aims to test a new method of development of the heritage conservation system, with two clear goals. On the one hand, select and protect not only the individual element but also the territory as a platform for the different episodes in human history. On the other hand, understand the heritage in a broad and global sense, which includes all aspects that influence the design heritage: architectural, archaeological and environmental.

In coordination with the municipal officers, PB2 took part in the catalogue definition of the items that needed to be protected, focusing especially on those belonging to the architectural heritage, remarking their values ​​and levels of protection. In addition, our team also gave advice in the definition of the guidelines for future interventions on those items.


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