Director Plan for the Redesigning of the historical centre of Molins de Rei

The study provides the guidelines for the performance of the historical centre redesign, which will be performed through subsequent planning instruments.

Location: Molins de Rei | Barcelona | Catalonia
Area: 83.673 m2
Developer: Molins de Rei Town Council
Development: 2006-2007
Intervention: Urban study

At the initiative of the Molins de Rei City Council, and with the support of the Architecture and Landscape Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia), Pb2 did an analysis & study of the development of an action program for the redevelopment of the old part of town, which was set out in the nowadays Plan.

The past major urban growth was accompanied by some fragmentation and dispersion in the treatment of the urban historical core. With this as a starting point, the plan wanted to influence the landscape and urban heritage, in order to improve their formal image, according to their status as a center of services and urban identity. To this end, proposals were raised with the expectation of a phased development later in time, through the use of different planning instruments such as a modification of general planning, urban landscape ordinances, or implementing preliminary plans and projects of development works to some sections of the public space.

The methodology had its basis in an overall synthesis of the several variables that affect urban areas, in order to identify weaknesses and opportunities. The document provides a list of guidelines that want to help to reduce identified weaknesses and enhance existing opportunities.


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