Via Sabadell Shopping Mall

The functional clearness of the project provides the whole area a useful flexibility to adapt it to both commercial necessities of the shops and the changing commercial legislation

Location: Sabadell Business Park, Sabadell | Barcelona | Catalonia
Built area: 89.995 m2
Developer: Vantoureix S.L..

Development: 2009-2012
Intervention: Preliminary plans, Basic & Implementation Projects and site management. Advice on the commercial feasibility of the project. Conception of the volumetric design. Processing of the commercial licenses.

The Sant Pau de Riu Sec shopping area is framed inside the urban development Sabadell Business Park, a project that includes industrial land, offices and commercial premises. It is designed to suit the needs of different sectors and companies and with the aim of revitalizing an economic activity area in such a strategic location as Sabadell, because of its proximity to Barcelona and its excellent communications network.

Both the commercial advice and the processing of licenses were key elements for the development of the project, allowing the establishment of important shopping firms and restaurant chains. The development and adaptation to the different needs of operators were also aspects to consider during the architectural project execution.

The project responds efficiently to the prerequisites of functional clearness and control of construction costs, by means of topographic adaptation, structural modulation, prefabricated systems on the fa├žade and the fluidity of accesses and circulation.

At the same time, this functional clearness has allowed the proposal to be flexible in order to respond immediately to changes in commercial distribution that appeared as a result of changes in commercial legislation meanwhile the construction was executed.


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