Food Box in Sant Pau de Riu Sec

The innovative design & conception of this building arises from the need to provide complementary uses to the ones originally planned for the Via Sabadell Shopping Mall.

Location: Sabadell Business Park, Sabadell | Barcelona | Catalonia
Built area: 2.165 m2
Developer: Vantoureix S.L.

Development: 2011-2012
Budget: 1.290.000 €
Intervention: Preliminary plans, Basic & Implementation projects and site management

As project managers of Via Sabadell Shopping Mall (after discussing it with the developer) we evaluate the opportunity to develop a building that could house different kind of restaurants. The aim of this idea was to complement the range of commercial activities of the area, offering a catering service that would be very useful for customers. At the same time, this kind of building will function as a major attraction to potential customers of the surroundings.

The building seeks to welcome a wide variety of restaurants in the same space that are, all of them, visible from the access which will allow customers to have an overview of the whole offer. The strategic position of the terraces, hold together in a courtyard that acts as an intermediate space between inside and outside, turns the building into a welcoming and accessible place. The design allows fitting a set of structures at different levels as well as a comfortable distribution for clients and staff, once again through the integration of architecture and functionality.

The use of prefabricated systems both in façade and structure has shown the possibility to join the uniqueness of the building typology and a construction cost control.


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