Advice work on the Group Carrefour commercial expansion in Catalonia

The detailed analysis of the current situation at that moment and also the estimate growth of commercial distribution were key factors to establish the group’s expansion priorities in Catalonia

Location: Catalonia
Developer: Group Carrefour
Development: 2003

To be able to set its expansion policy, Carrefour asked Pb2 to do an advice work to be able to detect the best suitable locations in order to establish new supermarkets and shopping centers in Catalonia.  Our work was to detect these appropriate areas through the analysis of spaces, budget need and the requested characteristics for their legalization.

The advisory work was based on data collection and analysis in two key aspects. First of them, the compilation of existing commercial & shopping premises in their different types, including also retail stores (both of food and nonfood), and their implementation in relation to the demographic distribution of that moment.

Secondly, the detection of potential business areas of commercial expansion by interrelating potential population increase, urban planning, allowed trade growing points, and also the current legislation on commercial equipment both at regional and municipal levels.

The relationship between all these spheres allowed the Developer to prioritize implementation in a time of great growth in the commercial distribution sector.


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