Leisure and Convention Center and Golf Park la Piella

For this 16 hectares estate, Pb2 outlined the creation of a school-based/leisure golf training academy, but at the same time reinforcing the existing nature of the countryside

Location: Montcada i Reixac | Barcelona | Catalonia
Built area: 997 m2
Developer: Verdsport Global S.L.

Development: 2003-2004
Intervention. Preliminary plans & Basic Project. Advice Works & urban planning.

Can Piella is a property of 16 hectare with a gentle slope to north, and located in the suburban environment of Montcada i Reixac, in the Barcelona metropolitan area. The project planned the integral rehabilitation and expansion of the Can Piella country house (placed in the center of the estate), and the adaptation and preservation of the surroundings, in order to introduce a school-based sports and entertainment golf center in the Pitch & Putt mode.

The intervention was oriented to show some kind of commitment to the natural environment in an area that was beginning to show deterioration symptoms (presence of illegal uses, marginal occupations and tipping). Since its conception, the proposal was configured as a new open-air offer in the city and with the aim of promoting sport to the citizens, so it could become a new attraction in town.

The most important guideline that Pb2 defined was to keep the role of the existing natural area, strengthening it by emphasizing its initial topographic & hydrological characteristics, its historical heritage and its native vegetation. The carried works also included initial urban planning management and processing of the water concession to the Agència Catalana de l’Aigua (Catalan Water Agency).


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