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Pb2 is a company born in 1988 which is made up of many specialists who have developed a large number of architectural interventions, urban planning and management projects, with special emphasis on the commercial and productive spaces field. Over the past ten years, Pb2 has been consolidated thanks to the extensive experience in construction, project management and advice to clients both from public and private organizations.

We are not only an architectural firm; our team has also an extensive experience in management. We work in a project since its conception; we help our client from the decision of developing an idea, all through the process to make it real. We give advice on the better way to develop it, knowing and studying its feasibility and profitability, and working towards a success. At the same time, improving commercial structures and their adaptation to the consumer needs requires the existence of instruments that integrate natural commercial evolution and urban planning. And that is what we do. Pb2 integrates every piece of work in order to achieve the better way to make an idea, a dream, to become a reality.

Our key factors are to pay attention to the needs of each customer in particular and to achieve a balance between qualities and economy at all times considering the different requirements of the work. Functional, constructive, structural, environmental and cultural requirements are put together thanks to the joint efforts of an interdisciplinary team with the best experts in each field, all of them led by Josep Llobet Bach.


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