The Llibertat Town Market Refurbishment, carried out by Pb2 and “Gold Award” from the World Union of Wholesale Markets celebrates its 125th anniversary

On January, 19th, the Llibertat Town Market dressed to party on the occasion of the celebration of its 125th anniversary. It has already become an important item in the city, and especially in the district of Gracia.

During the event, the mayor of Barcelona discovered two memorial plaques in the market lobby. One of them dedicated to the anniversary and another in recognition of the award received on September, 14th from the World Union of Wholesale Markets.

The refurbishment, re-opened in 2009 and carried out by Pb2 was recently awarded Gold Award 2012, which honors the excellence in new market infrastructure, ahead Xhenzhen Market in China (second prize) and Brisbane Market in Australia (third place).

With the aim of using the building as an engine of urban and commercial transformation, the refurbishment preserved the historic building inaugurated in 1888, restoring it and maintaining the traditional market uses but adapting them to new needs with the addition of other commercial uses.

The jury appreciated the refurbishment and insisted that this was an intervention that has taken into account both benefits for the commerce but also for the neighbors around the market, with the transformation of the surrounding streets in pedestrian areas and improving accesses.